Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Marini. Not the good one.

Only someone with real humility could possibly allow himself to be dressed like that
I'm currently terrified that Archbishop Pierro Marini will be appointed to the Congregation of Divine Worship. He was received in private audience by the Holy Father for half an hour last week. This is scary.

People come to the ultimate in beaut, goodness and truth through the human experience of those transcendental qualities. We're creatures of matter; we experience the world through the senses and God is not only the originator of that reality but also part of it. To internalise the Mass, to actually participate in it, we need the psychological triggers of how momentous it is. Beauty is part of Catholicism because God is the most fundamental beauty. If Archbishop Pierro Marini is appointed to this Congregation we will be in real danger as far as beauty in the liturgy is concerned.

A friend of mine, who actually understands these things (unlike me), has also suggested that there might be a danger of the devolution of the liturgy to local bishops conferences. I don't know about other countries but that is not a task I would trust to my bishops conference. More importantly, I also appreciate that I pray the same way as Catholics all over the world when I go to Mass. I'm part of an international community, borders are irrelevant to the Mass and it transcends cultural differences. It expresses that the idea of human races is a heresy, we are one human race created by God to know him, to love him, to serve him in this world and to be happy with him in the next.

When he was removed by Benedict XVI, he went on record as saying he was only waiting for Him to die so he could go back to business as usual.

This man is dangerous.

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