Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Not All Bleak

BBC News reports that two Catholic midwives have won their legal battle not to have to take part in abortions. They had not been forced to take part in themselves, but had been told to delegate, supervise and support staff who were willing to take part in them. This is important since it means we ourselves are defended against having to act against our concience, but it is unlikely to save babies lives. It says something about a piece of legislation when the only good thing about it is the get out clause. Nevertheless, thank you Lady Dorrian and Lords Mackay and McEwan for upholding the right to concience.

I came across this poem a while back

June 03, 1982, 11 PM

Dear Susan,

The urge to tell my daughter what’s gnawing at my gut.
The agony of watching her slide toward a one-way rut;

There’s nothing quite so devastating to the father’s mind
As finding out he’s dropped-the-ball and now his girl’s entwined.
In mental anguish, doubt and fear
— And, worst of all, self hate —
And questioning there in the mirror
if by now it is too late.

And putting off decision, commitment to repair
the damage done by all involved, the guilt of which I share.

I read a poem a while ago about a test she failed.
Though eloquent it surely was the logic somehow trailed.

As if life granted one big test — and then the Judgement made,
we’d never have a second chance, nor values we could trade.

Thank God it doesn’t work that way. Thank God there’s other chances —
to Accept Him as He said, The Vine, and take our place as Branches.

Discouragement is Satan’s tool that prunes us from the Vine,
He’ll try to get us all messed up, our emotions he’ll entwine.

Then piling on the doubt and fear, he’ll say with exclamation:
Stay back! Go away! You’re just no good — for Reconciliation!

But if you only understood how much He loves you!
Why He hung on that cross!
How much He wants you back!
If you only understood how much He wants you back!
I’m sorry for hurting you so much.
I love you.


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